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October 29, 2009

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New Blog ‘appening ere’…meanwhile here is some of the older shit!

Nostramus: photo by Hugh Byrne



Spon, Caroline Nische, MC13

photo: Hugh Byrne

puts you awake in
a dream. Wondering if it couldbe real. There should be a placewhere you can rest your soul.The future is coming..”

The alchemy that is Nostramus has been around for a long time, manifesting itself in various incarnations going right back to the time of Punk. The Big Eye harnessed this power for a time, but it just wasn’t a sound enough church to accommodate the chaotic uplifting magic that is Spon & Nostramus.

During the summer of 1995, Spon witnessed the excitement of the unfurling drum’n’bass massive, musical horizons
expanding rapidly, new beats opening whole universes to explore, and some
of the wickedest parties, led by the Exodus Collective and their renegade sound system. He could not resist. These experiences led to profound inspiration, which in turn focused on capturing  moods and atmospheres in an invigorating new musical expression.

To avoid the inevitable post-party come down, Nostramus would compose new songs, trying to behold, distil and capture the atmosphere of those transcendental moments. Soon, with enough ideas ready to go, it was time to introduce other people to the project. MC13 and Derek E. Smith were there all along, collecting samples and data, but the cherries on the
cake were still to come….