Doomsday Dot Com: new CD album by Nostramus

"Is this the end of Drum and Bass as we know it?"

Or “how I learned to stop worrying and love the apocalypse”

The long awaited new album by Nostramus is coming soon!

Ten years in the making and after many missed deadlines, the long promised follow-up to ‘Earthlights‘ is about to hit the streets!
Aptly titled ‘Doomsday Dot Com‘ the new Nostramus album will be released during the summer of 2011 and will be available through Diamond Seeds Productions.  There are twelve tracks in total and it will include a reworking of the 2003 classic,  ‘Hero of Bamboo Stick‘ with Mc’s Mention and Golden Child from Check One Two.
Special guest appearances also of Neo Folk and D & B singer Ella Jo also grace the new album, with a remix of  her 2008 epic ‘He Who Dares Wins’ from the Alter Ego album. Other guest appearances include samples from an early Federal Billy who later changed his name to Prince Malachi who featured on Earthlights. Also included is an extraordinary remix of a post-punk-goth pioneers, UK Decay couplet of songs; Battle of the Elements’ and ‘Duel’ which are fused together in flamboyant and trully original panache.

Altogether ‘Doomsday Dot Com’ makes for a stunningly eclectic collection of styles that range from classic D & B, Dub, Jungle, Steppers, breakbeats, Liquid Funk, Darkwave and even comes diced with tinges of Gothic guitar playing by Nostramus’s main man Steve Spon, who also doubles as guitarist for UK Decay.

“The fantastic ‘Doomsday Dot Com‘ by Nostramus will be the next release on Diamond Seeds – a prophetic gathering of Drum and Bass tunes and samples.
After the Japanese earthquake it seems that time has overtaken some of the themes and has left Spon from Nostramus wondering what the reaction will be to his material. He says that all the material on the album pre-dates the horrific events that have burdened Japan.
The album is a sound concept tapestry with a strong musical current, including samples which expose media hysteria amongst other, lighter themes. It is a comment on the phenomena that shape our early 21st century; times where fear is founded for some, and a plaything for others. He exposes the human responses to dealing with a world that we cannot control including elements of superstition, anger and the need to release stress in a musical whirlwind of joy. Nostramus encompasses all these emotions, waltzing the listener through a reality check – reminding us to question our distorted world, keep our feet on the ground and trust our senses. The delight in this work is the unceasing movement between light and shade, the highs and lows, the scowls and the smiles…..
Was Drum and Bass ever supposed to go this deep?”
Diamond Seeds Website description

Ian Buckingham: DJ, Producer and Webmaster on ‘Doomsday Dot Com’…….

“The last time I enjoyed an entire album by a single artist was the life changing moments I heard in The Wall and The Dark Side Of The Moon. Not to forget Jarvis Cocker, Ian Brown, Underworld, Richard Ashcroft, Groove Armarda, Faithless, Royksopp.
The album is beautifully produced  with calming yet dark undertones, a kind of horrific beauty that soothes and terrifies all at the same time….and talking of time, Nostramus has mastered timeless, I would play these out time and time again…the track selection is well stitched in unison, the production is outstanding and is a joy to listen to.
 This is Spon from Nostramus’s greatest work yet and will inspire not just me but many aspiring producers, engineers and artists alike. The heavy undertones and massive themes are enjoyable the whole thing lifted me mate…well done, its very good….but then deep down you already knew this!”

DOOMSDAY DOT COM will be released by Diamond Seeds Productions as a special limited edition, strictly limited to 50 and will solely be available via the membership of the Facebook Nostramus page, until a licensing deal can be brokered.

“Nostramus is on the warpath, poking fun with vivid imagery and throbbing ambient sub-dubscapes. Exploring media samples and images captured from ‘the dot com’ then combining into a psychedelic convolving audio-visual wasteland. All captured and recorded on his very own ‘I-Brain’ V 2.3.”

“Is this the end of Drum and Bass as we know it?”

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